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Can You Get Commercial Insurance on a Personal Vehicle?

Do you personally own a vehicle but use it for commercial purposes during part of the day, such as delivering food? You might do this when running your own business, working for another company, or providing services through an online platform. If so, you may need to acquire some form of commercial auto coverage.

Personal car insurance covers regular commutes to and from the workplace. However, it generally won’t insure a vehicle that is directly used to do your job or run a business. Why? Commercial driving tends to involve situations that increase the risk level, such as distractions, fatigue, and unfamiliar places.

You’ll probably need additional insurance if you deliver products or carry passengers. Other work-related tasks may also require extra coverage. One way to gain sufficient protection is to sign up for commercial auto insurance at a local East Orange, NJ agency like Clinton Robinson & Associates Agency.


You don’t necessarily need a separate insurance policy. An endorsement (rider) added to regular auto insurance might be adequate in some situations. You could also look at policies that are specifically designed for a certain commercial activity, such as delivering goods in your own vehicle. Some insurers offer ridesharing-oriented policies as well. Either way, the right insurance could cover repairs and protect you from lawsuits after a traffic accident.

Our friendly staff can provide helpful expert advice if you’re unsure what kind of insurance is best for your job or vehicle. Our well-established independent agency partners with over 40 insurance carriers to offer various coverage options. To contact Clinton Robinson & Associates Agency in East Orange, NJ, please call 973-675-2515 today.

Does Home Insurance Cover Home Business Equipment?

It’s important to consider insurance when starting or running a small business in East Orange, NJ. If your business is located in your home, you might wonder what kind of insurance will cover its equipment: home or commercial? The answer varies depending on certain details, including the type and size of your business.

Basic Coverage

Home insurance may provide limited coverage for equipment owned by home-based companies, but you’ll need to refer to your specific policy. Compared to business insurance, a homeowners’ policy usually has a lower cap on the value of commercial equipment and materials it will cover (if any).

Be aware that home insurance usually doesn’t provide commercial liability coverage. Liability is important if clients or other individuals visit your home to engage in commerce-related activities. Likewise, it won’t cover lost business income after a fire or other covered event.


Some insurers offer endorsements or "riders" that add small business coverage to existing home insurance. They cover commercial equipment and liability without the need for a separate policy. Some endorsements are customized for specific types of businesses, such as childcare providers.

Separate Policies

In certain situations, obtaining a separate commercial insurance policy makes sense. Many entrepreneurs choose business owners’ policies, which are bundles of multiple coverage forms. Others buy specific types of insurance, such as product liability. The best option differs based on your product or service and how you deliver it.

A knowledgeable agent at Clinton Robinson & Associates Agency can help you decide what type of commercial policy or rider is appropriate in your particular situation. We understand the specific insurance needs of home-based business owners. Clinton Robinson & Associates Agency has more than four decades of experience. Please call 973-675-2515 to contact our independent agency in East Orange, NJ.

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